Which Honey

Honey's just honey, right? Not so, dear friends. Just like wine, different honeys have different characters and consistencies.

Some are great for pouring, others are best for spreading. Specialist honeys have subtle variations in taste, perfect for pairing with certain savoury or sweet dishes.

Runny of Set?

Whether a honey is runny or set depends on its levels of natural sugars. Runny honeys are ideal for pouring - especially in sauces and glazes. Set honeys are excellent for spreading and eating straight from the jar!

You can use set honey in place of runny honey - just place the jar on a radiator or in a bowl of warm water until it changes consistency. Crystallized Honey: This honey has a hard top layer, there is nothing wrong with this and if you place the jar in some hot water it will easily return to a runny state.

Children sometimes prefer the milder tasting honeys, like the yorkshire flower, to the stronger varieties such as the yorkshire moors and field and forest.

Some Of Our Honeys